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Okok this is gonna be a little rant. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. DO NOT LIKE RANTS? DO NOT READ ^-^ SIMPLE!
Honestly, I've just moved to a new school and everything yeah, whatever, not that exciting. I have a whole bunch of friends- so that really isn't the problem. The problem is that these so called 'FRIENDS' are completely moronic.
I mean, one or two of them are okay, don't get me wrong.
But especially this one guy, his self esteem must be sooo low, bc he takes it out on everyone he sees as lower than himself.
Stupid right?
Yeah well, I'm a very slow person, so it took me a long time to get this remark.

Today during lunch, this girl who wants to be our friend, but doesn't know how to talk to us- BECAUSE THEY ARE FREAKING MORONS WHO PICK ON HER FOR EVERYTHING BEHIND HER BACK- honestly, I don't think you want to be friends with them anyway, sweetheart. But moving on, this girl... We'll call her 'LAUREN' for arguments sakes. Was sitting with us, and as usual she gets some pretty hateful, scoffing sort of stares from -WE'LL CALL HIM 'JAY'- Jay and the others. So when 'MIKKIE', the girl that Lauren often follows because she has no friends, leaves to go talk to our other group, Lauren gets up and follows her.
The hateful words and laughs they had at her, was appauling.
Yes, it's rude and completely judgemental. But if you have to say something?
Theirs nothing I hate more than people who pick on others- but do so behind their backs.

Fast forward a few minutes.
I'm hanging out with a few of the group, just leaning against the wall.
NOT HURTING SO MUCH AS A FLY. I'm quiet in real life, very quiet, and these 'FRIENDS' only make me keep more quiet, because they are such utter morons with nothing better to do.
Suddenly, I hear Jay pipe up.
"Who do you like more, 'test conditions' or 'sheep'?"
And Mikkie was confused so she asked what that meant. Jay laughed and said:
"It's some nicknames we made for some people we hate. So who do you prefer?"
A few people answered:
"Test conditions!"
"Sheep, yeah"
"test conditions..?"
And here I am, knowing fully well that by sheep, they were referring to Lauren. I had no idea what Test conditions meant. Mikkie suddenly gasped.
"She's right behind you, Jay!"
And everyone turned around, including me. I looked behind me like an idiot, wondering where Lauren was as she had left awhile ago to get a drink. I didn't see anyone and when I turned back around, Mikkie was shaking her head.
"Jay, you can't just talk bad about people like that. WHEN THEY ARE RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU."
And Jay and the others had laughed.

Now skip forward to now, at least six damn hours later, when finally it clicked.

People aren't even creative with their name calling anymore. I swear. And yes, I realised they call me test conditions because I am very quiet and I don't talk a lot...
How about I call Jay "Backstabbing-Justin-bieber"
or "Town crier"
or maybe even just simply 'bully'.

So anyway, moral of the story: People can be real bitches. This Jay guy has no confidence. I wouldn't be mad at him AT ALL, if he called me names straight to my face. I wouldn't be mad AT ALL, if people would just tell me straight up they don't like me.
At least then I KNOW what people are saying about me.
Okay well there you have it, howling-okami's pet peeves; people who can't even bitch about someone to their face.
All that shows?
If he would call me names to my face, I would definitely turn around and call him several names back, explain why I'm always quiet to them (because I can't stand their poor attitudes), and quite likely? Just dump their whole stupid group altogether.
I'd rather be a friendless loser, than be surrounded by people who secretly hate me.

Anyone else?
Honestly, if you read this entire thing I really appreciate it and I love you! HAVE A COOKIE, YOU DESERVE IT! ^_^
I'd love to hear a few stories about people spreading rumours/talking behind your back etc, and how you dealt with it. Bc really, I don't know how you deal with this sort of problem; because they don't FREAKING SAY IT TO YOUR FACE!!!! You can't fight an invisible opponent now can you?

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